That’s What She Said!- Oh Mario!

Story by Sarah Mobbs

Last week, you’ll hopefully remember my words about footballers such as Ashley Cole and John Terry not being the best kinds of role models for youngsters (or indeed the older generations who still look up to their idols). This week, possibly, to my view anyway, one of the worst role models of them all; Mario Balotelli.

Man City administrator Brian Marwood has this week admitted that Balotelli is a poor role model within their club. I’d love to know how it’s taken him this long to work it out really! Balotelli has himself in previous years admitted that he “sometimes does strange things” (The Independent, 9/11/2011) but to me, the things he does aren’t strange; they’re stupid and possibly the furthest thing you could get from setting a good example


It’s rather amusing, and sad, that though Balotelli has been involved in many tabloid rumours, all of the bad stuff, including throwing darts at a youth player and firing air pistols in public, in the middle of Milan, turned out to be true, and the good stuff, such as confronting the bully of a young City fan, and giving a homeless man £1000, was proven to be false.

But it’s not just Balotelli’s antics off-pitch that make him pretty detestable to me. It’s his attitude on the pitch too. If you have been reading “That’s What She Said” regularly since I joined the “11” team, you may remember my little rant about his behaviour at the end of the Euro 2012 final. He behaved like a child. I’ve no doubt in my mind it must have been very very disappointing for him to lose out not only on the Euro title, but also his Golden Boot, but Balotelli showed such incredibly poor sportsmanship I was actually shocked (and that takes a lot).

The best thing I have ever read/heard about Balotelli though, and his complete unsuitability for being a role-model was last November, when shockingly he was made Greater Manchester’s ambassador for firework safety when earlier that week, he had set his house alight by letting a firework off inside!

So I really can’t see why it’s taken so long for Man City bosses to decide Balotelli sets a poor example to younger fans. It’s actually laughable. Youngsters these days see enough violence, sex, drugs and stupidity on tv, films, and video games, is it really necessary for them to be seeing their supposed idols and role-models to be involved in such similar “real-life” scandals?

So Mario, “Why always me?”… If I had my way, it wouldn’t be you. You wouldn’t be able to answer to a policeman “Because I’m rich” (Daily Mirror, 5/9/2010) if I had my way either…


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