That’s What She Said!- The RVP Saga Part III

Story by Sarah Mobbs

Firstly, apologies for my absence from your screens last week, but I’m back, and this week in “That’s What She Said” I’ll be finishing what I started with Robin van Persie and the uncertainty surrounding his move from Arsenal. As you may remember from previous instalments from yours truly, the two teams really trying to convince Wenger to sell to them were Manchester United and Manchester City, and as you will (should) now know, the winners were Manchester United.

Now, as you know, I am a Gooner, and being a girl-Gooner, I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for van Persie (or at least, for this season… after Fabregas left). However, when I heard the news that he wanted to leave, unlike so many of my fellow Arsenal fans, I did not immediately decide that he was a traitor; (that is the first and final time I will use such words!) he simply wasn’t happy at the club anymore, and when someone isn’t happy, surely it’s best to just let them go. If you read my previous pieces on the matter, or have been keeping up with the story anyway, you’ll know that Wenger was determined to either persuade RVP to stay, or put such a high price on his head that no-one would want to pay and therefore he would be left at the club for his final 12 months.

However it appears that Wenger and everybody concerned with the transfers finally came to their senses. Maybe, just maybe, they all read the piece I wrote some weeks ago explaining that to try and keep RVP when he was no longer happy could lead not only to humiliation at the end of the season, but humiliation through it when van Persie was giving half-hearted performances . Plus £30 million is a ridiculous price for any player who has had only one full season without injury or laughable performances.

And so, this morning van Persie signed his 4 year contract with Manchester United, and has gone for £24 million. One of the questions now on United fans’ lips will be “How will he shape up next to the likes of Rooney and Welbeck?” Well, you’ve not got long to wait, United make their 12/13 Premier League debut on Monday night. It will also be interesting to see if van Persie can remain injury for a second season running and, if now he has left Arsenal to go in search of a fuller trophy room, United will manage to win back the title this season.

Meanwhile, Wenger, although obviously disappointed, claims he still has high expectations for the Gunners this season, with the signings of two new strikers (Giroud and Podolski) and Wenger still on the hunt for new blood in the form of Real Madrid’s Nuri Sahin as there is still the possibility that he could also lose Alex Song.

All in all, despite van Persie’s disappointing decision to leave Arsenal in order to go on a treasure hunt, Wenger has made a good move. I don’t want to repeat myself too many times, but to have had him stay on this season would have been a huge mistake on so many counts. So as many are bidding van Persie farewell while sticking him the “V”s as he walks away, I’m waving him away with a smile, because there’s no knowing how he’ll perform this season. Perhaps buying RVP will turn out to have been a huge mistake for Fergie.


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