That’s What She Said!- Lets Kick Racism out of Football

Story by Sarah Mobbs

I know many of you will be expecting another Olympic Special this week on the progress of the Team GB Ladies. It will have to suffice however to report briefly what I expect you will already know; they lost 2-0 to Canada. I hope you won’t be too disappointed but this week I want to talk about something that I do actually have a very strong opinion on; racism in football, and to a certain extent the lack of respect, on and off the pitch.

I feel very strongly about racism, not just in football but in everyone’s day-to-day lives. I personally think it’s completely idiotic, but that’s beside the point. We all know the story with John Terry and Anton Ferdinand of course, but this week, it’s the FA that Terry has had to answer to, and of course, he denies the charge. But I think (hope) you’ll agree that, when you actually see the footage in slow motion, you would think it would be quite difficult for him to actually have the audacity to deny the claim but still he has.

He’s now gone as far as to demand a personal trial and the FA will have no further say until this is over. But to me, whatever your personal feelings, your fellow sportsmen should carry as much respect from you as you would expect from them; I’m quite John Terry demands a certain degree of respect from his fellow England team-mates. This is going to sound oh so cliché but at the end of the day, you’re all in the same game for the same reasons; you love it. And surely you would have respect for something you love, because really, by using racist and quite frankly, foul language, all Terry has done is show people how possibly dispassionate and disrespectful he has become towards the game.

A huge portion of players now in the Premier League are actually not of British origins, and therefore, perhaps racism is more ridiculous in football than anywhere else- how many PL teams actually have more British players than not, regardless of colour? So perhaps it’s the British players who are actually in the minority, and despite my feelings on this matter, racism in football is stupid. Full stop. It ruins the game and shows a huge amount of bad-sportsmanship. And to me, if the players cannot learn to respect each other, how is it they expect to command the respect of the fans?


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