Stiff Upper Lip and Hospitality!

Story by Robin Popley

Hello and welcome to my third outing of ‘Editor’s Insight’. It’s been a busy one this week, with the launch of our campaign, #PartyforKanu and I had originally intended this to be a monthly thing, but during the void that is pre-season, I guess I can always make allowances. Especially, during the Olympic games, held in our back yard!

*Fist of excitement*

I am a huge enthusiast of sport in general and I am ever so pleased we are hosting the Olympic games in our most major capital city. However, I do not completely understand all the sceptacism amidst unity in sports, like football, where it had previously almost been thought inconcievable. It should also be mentioned at this junction, that, despite the unwillingness of some home nations FA’s to send their players to contribute in Team GB’s men and women’s squads, to those that did, a huge congratulations. It’s time for us to host a truly Great British games.

Yet what is a truly GREAT British games? Is it one illuminated with lights at every turn or one set up in a high brow coffee shop on Oxford Street? (For a start it shouldn’t be the latter, that’s more continental in practice, not really British!) That is not to say I don’t think we should not embrace our wonderful cultural hub and perhaps entertain our guests to a little dose of English Tea in Covent Garden whilst basking in the delights of a violinist parading their talents to the vast array of people who pass through those cobbled streets each day.

We are ever so good at being hospitable. Moreover, we are world renowned for our ‘Stiff Upper Lip’, which is why it is so sad to see in our footballing week’s ‘other’ events, neither of these great British traits being present.

I must, once more, come back to the case of Portsmouth FC. They have, admirably, shown great defiance as a fanbase and come out and said – if the creditors do eventually win outright (as looks to be the case) – they have a PLAN B. This is good. I don’t want anyone to think it isn’t.

Why? Yes, they have committed wrongs and yes, they should probably face the initial consequences, but one of the great things about being British is our judicial system. The right to help people who have done wrong through rehabilitation. Now I’m not saying we should send each and every member of the previous Portsmouth boards to Alcholic’s Anonymous, but, those who are left behind deserve to have some reward for the loyality they have given to their club. THAT is the British way.

SO, I hope that everyone will enjoy the Olympics in their own special way, and I will be tuning into most events: but in particular, the football, to cheer on our boys and girls.

One dream, one team. GO TEAM GB!!!

Thanks for reading;


P.S. Well done tonight girls on giving us the great start we needed with a 1-0 win!


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