You are now entering: THE NEW FOREST!

Story by Robin Popley

Stop the presses and re-jig the signs between Derby and Nottingham’s ‘Brian Clough Way’. After years of turmoil, the former giant of British football, Nottingham Forest, are tonight in the hands of the Al-Hasawi family. You are now entering: THE NEW FOREST!

The Kuwati giants have called for an EGM with Reds fans at the City Ground this coming Saturday, to formulate a ‘blue-print’ for success, in the immediate, and long-term future. It certainly sounds as if these people mean business.

Listed as one of the richest families in Kuwait, the Al-Hasawi dynasty were instilled as the President of Kuwati club-side, Qadsia until their resignation last season.

Much is still to be unravelled in this takeover, but, the signs look promising.

Here is a list of other take-overs for Forest fans to look at with delight or dread:

Manchester City – Due to Dubai’s billions, they are now the richest club in the world, and have just won the Premiership. Although this is someway off for Forest, Manchester City have proven nothing is impossible, only improbable!

Chelsea – Although success did not happen overnight for Roman Abramovich, Chelsea last season put behind them several failed attempts at Champions League glory, to accompany their glittering titles from past Premiership, FA Cup and League Cup campaigns.

Aston Villa – Randy Lerner has undergone little change in management during his tenure at Villa Park. However, these past few seasons have been troubling, both on and off the pitch. Moderate expectations from an outside perspective sadly!

Portsmouth – League 1, debts to pay, says it all…

Rangers (Newco) – A recent takeover to stabilise the mess the new owners have inherited. On-going legal proceedure has still yet to shed light on which League the NEW Rangers will be playing in next season.


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